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Functional and Decorative Stoneware Pottery
Stoneware platter with copper red interior and sprayed stencil decorationStoneware bowl with impressed text and black overglaze.Stoneware serving bowl with black overglaze and copper red interior.

pba pottery
Pete Anderson
3427 Kalenda Ave NE
St. Michael, MN 55376


Transformation thru Stoneware.

That’s what does it for me... beginning with a lump of clay and working it into a pottery form that has it’s own voice. A simplistic glimpse into the Creator’s point of view and a direct parallel with His relationship with us.

I know it may sound like spiritual mumbo jumbo, but it honestly isn’t. You’re reading the thoughts of a pretty average guy that likes being a dad and husband, watches espn way too much, and would play video games for a living if he could figure out a way to get paid for it. I’m simply a man that can bear witness to the changes that a loving God can make from the inside out. For me, pottery is a gift from God that I’m intended to use for His purposes. Period.

My job as a potter is simply to tell you stories through stoneware. The stories range from how we named our dog, to visual stories about how different portions of a piece relate to each other, to personal stories that are interlaced with snippets from my own spiritual journey. My stoneware “pots” are tangible representations of parts of my not-so-visible inner self and I’m meant to put ‘em out there for you to see.

Please take a look around & give a shout with any questions. Thanks for stopping by. pba

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